Friday, August 7, 2015

Fresco Montclair Presents Second Annual Mille Migli

Hip Hip's Millennial Message

The artist duo YBM is redefining the hip-hop/rap game and establishing their place in the industry, on the scene and as partners-n-rhyme. Together these two motivated lyricists are on a mission to create, inspire and drive forward with heavy pursuit towards young millennials on a quest to rise from rags to riches. The story may not be new, and no, no one is reinventing the idea of rhyming with reason, however, messages often get lost in translation, or behind sick dance & battlin’ beats. In the case of YBM, they represent young business minded individuals as a lifestyle not simply just a trend in music, culture or the community. As the social dynamics, business ventures and of course the music monopoly continually evolves, their words are not only a force to be reckoned with, but imprinted in the minds of the next generation of influencers.   

Front men and future break out stars, Efficial & Reecialao found a way to make something out of nothing- the ultimate goal for anyone who is young and business minded. While Reecialago resided in Germany most of his life, he spent his childhood days spitting rhyme after rhyme with his friends before conquering the California Bay Area music scene in his teen years after a life-altering move to Oakland. Growing up in the ever-so-popular “borderland”, home to a lot more heartache than just earthquakes and some cracked sidewalks, he learned very young what his options were. Credibility and creativity all develop from understanding the progression and the climb. Through the streets, and undoubtedly Reecialago’s maturing mindset, as his YMB clique suggests, has helped him to find a different way of life, means to an end, and an accelerating passion to provide for himself. Ambition plus crazy lyrical talent mixed with street smarts is what separates this leading master from every other up & comer in the game.

Oakland-based rappers in particular have a culture all of their own. Terms like hyphy, originated by Keak da Sneak after his 1994 released album, debuted a revolution with this slang describing “hyperactive” music. Since its introduction, it has transitioned into a movement over time as a response from emerging local lyricists against commercial hip hop for not acknowledging their region for their contribution to setting new waves of styles within hip hop. It is distinguished by gritty, pounding rhythms, similar to what “crunk” would be referenced to in the Southern United States. Although this over the top energy is only recently going mainstream, it is responsible for producing the distinct sound that pulsates through YBM music. YBM Tracks like “I DO”, closely mirror southern style, but the hypnotic hooks, punchline phrasing and hyphy flair scream Cali flavor- as Reecialago directly descends from the hyphy rap capital of the world.      

Efficial has dedicated 8 ½ years proudly serving his country in the U.S army as a surgical technician. As a strong, single father of a 6 year old boy, he juggles between balancing out his vision, his efforts and his bruiting duties as a widower. Although, his family, from immediate through extended, are all his biggest supporters in his musical career, he has an entirely different perspective from his counterpart and reasons for domination. His persistency can only be viewed as an asset to this pair, carried out by both their needs, appetites, initiative and dreams that they can achieve while embodying what it means to be inspirational. Efficial states "I live by musical expression and believe I have the desire, drive, and motivation for success.”

Efficial and Reecialago stand side by side, vowing to do whatever is clever, make a hell of a lot of noise and grab the attention of all the right people. They may have butted heads in the beginning as they have experienced two very different types of life struggles, their millennial lifestyle resurrects the same-Business first. Young millennial rap and youthful entrepreneurs depends on the message… living in the know, in the positive and in the creative is the true identifier for the Swag & YOLO era.

“Business is business and that is the only sense we gotta make!” – YBM 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

When Your Hair Was All That & a Bag of Chips- 90's Hair Lives On



The age old question is finally answered… Brondes have the most fun!

Is there such a thing as too blonde?
Can raven-haired or rich, chocolate browns ever really transform into envied goldie locks?
Well, Yes! So, let there be light…

Bronde is the latest hair trend taking over summer. Sun-kissed tans are nothing without added tones and matching hues to make you look like even more of a bronzed goddess.
Hollywood may pave the way for bombshell blondes, fiery redheads and sultry brunettes to leave their mark, but when it comes to the catwalk of the streets, brondes are the flawless beings turning heads!

I was always told, “Blondes get noticed, brunettes get remembered…” 
However with bronde, you are guaranteed both!
The healthy mix of chestnut and buttery highlights is the perfect solution for darker beauties to shake things up a bit this summer. It’s easy, low-maintenance, and adds a tremendous amount of dimension and warmth without overwhelming a leading lady’s skin tone.
Give your hair a break from harsh bleaches and strong chemicals to infuse a more natural look for your day to day bounce.

What makes this current trend so harmonious and desires is it does not matter if you are already blonde or brunette… Bronde is for everyone!

Follow The Yellow Brick Road To Bronde…

Bronding Baby Steps
The earthy, soft honey and caramel low lights of the bronde style transform a golden glow which emphasizes various skin tones. The contrasting shades leave a long-lasting summer impression. Beginners shouldn’t veer too far away from their initial base color- especially at first. Gradually add volume and depth in sections starting from underneath through the top layers. Bayalage and Ombre techniques are a perfect graduate to painting on strategic elements within the hair to complete the overall effect.

Ease Your Way
Despite your natural coloring, many woman are apprehensive about making the transition to a full blown blonde. Bronde is like dipping your feet in the water before jumping in. Temporary options, sprays and washouts (usually after approximately 3 shampoos) are all available if you are not ready for the permanent change. Achieving the right aesthetic without commitment can still accentuate the dynamic components to your even and original shade.

Extend Your Length & Bronde
Experimenting with extensions is a great opportunity to play around with your appearance. This allows you to try a variety of shades, hair color combos, with no chemical damage.

The Secret Revealed: Maintain the Bronde
This may seem extensive for a trend that isn’t extremely drastic- it falls right in the middle to be exact! It is still super important to use color-protecting products and the right top-quality beauty essentials to keep your new luscious, beachy waves looking fabulous longer. Healthy hair is half the battle when it comes to sheen and shine. The best part about being a bronde is it is adjustable and customizable to your personal preference and liking because it isn’t an exact, one-size fits- all color. If you are looking to update your summer style, let bronde guide you to bright new possibilities.

Be Big, Be Bold, Be Bronde & Beautiful!
Ready. Set. Bronde.