Friday, March 28, 2014

In Love With a Writer

I put you on a pedestal, yet do not know who you are
A lone connection I've conjured up between myself and my interpretation of the vision alive on your pages
A relationship with your words is the root of our bond; 
What you project is also what you hide behind

Does anyone know the real you? or care?
The characters have camouflaged the ability to understand you 
Leaving me spending my dreams chasing the truth

And through your truth I discover myself on your pages
Inspiring me to dig deeper in every aspect of your written word and my own
That is my attachment to you
That is how I obsess

I am drawn into a person who will never be exposed
Only his chosen creations
The same struggle I fight in my own thoughts and life

Fallen for your words
Fallen for your pages &
Fallen for a glimpse of the secrets you reveal

Through truth

You speak to me

By: Jessica Schirripa 3/28/14

Monday, March 10, 2014

*Confessions of a Francoholic* - Part 2 ( Real Footage and Photos )

ATTENTION: Franco Fans Keep Scrolling for Exclusive up close and personal video from his IFC appearance during FRANCO-FEST 
March 5-13 2014

As I Lay Dying, Broken Tower, Sal, Spring Breakers, Francophrenia, Interior. Leather Bar. , etc. 
Many bodies of work that are not popular or known to the public yet, these films scream James Franco!!

First I would like to back track quite a bit before I give you the goods. 
Since my last blog on Franco, in which I discussed why I thought the universe was sending me signs that he is my soul mate, more moments have come my way to dive into.
I am a firm believer in understanding where you came from in order to grasp where you are right now, and where you are going. 
Also, like any relationship, when you reach a certain point it makes you think about the beginning and how things blossomed. 
Ps. I am fully aware of my own psycho-babble by the way. I ask that you please try and find it humorous or endearing as it tends to get creepy. 

One story I would like to share is not an encounter with Franco but a testament to me being born into a lineage of Franco fans. He will never admit it, but my dad is a Huge Franco Fanatic. From City by the Sea,  Deuces Wild, and James Dean, I believe my Dad thinks of Franco like he is from another era of old school talent. We've always enjoyed watching his movies together. 
Plus, when my dad gets on a kick with a movie, it's legit. He will watch it every time it is on. 
Side Note: ( My parents are a cross between the Barones and the Costanzas, which contributes to the symphonic dynamics of this story.)
About a year or so ago, I noticed every time I was at the house my dad was watching James Franco's Rise of the Apes. I had never seen it at this point. No reason in particular, just hadn't gotten around to it. It was always about 45 minutes in so I never really bothered to try and get into it because that is just a huge pet peeve of mine. If a movie starts at 5:00 pm and it is 5:03 pm, I won't watch it. I have convinced myself it is to late and I will be lost. I guess you can say I have some OCD's. 
Anyway, it had become a regular thing when I was over so I figured at some point I had to suck it up.
This day in particular my brother was over, so we both figured throw the guy a bone and plop down to watch it with him for a family bonding sesh. 
When we sat down, my brother and I were trying to catch up and were being silly because we were already making fun of the fact that our dad is a weirdo and he is always watching Rise of the Apes in his spare time.
The apes were becoming smart, they were beginning their takeover when I turned to my dad and said, "Wait, I'm confused why are the apes so mean?"
He immediately snapped back like I was insulting a loved one, "They are NOT MEAN, they are fighting for their independence and rights!!!!" ( Insert Frank Costanza voice here) 
He was Dead ass.
My brother and I were cracking up. 
When he realized his ridiculousness he began to chuckle as well because he knew this was one of the moments my brother and I would hold against him in our list of reasons of why he is a nutbag. 
We were all laughing and I turned to him and said, "Dad, you are absolutely insane but I will give you a pass because I bet if we asked James Franco why he did the movie, he may give us a similar response and that is why I love him."

I hope one day I am able to share this story with Mr. Franco and he appreciates it. 

Next up.
 Now I follow Jimmy on instagram along with 1.7 million others. Difference is he follows me back...
He only follows est. 2K people so in my head that is excellent statistics.
Good odds, good odds. 

Without posting the picture that I believe sealed the deal, James had just written an article on "Selfies". I happen to own a set of James Franco PJs complete with leggings and a shirt with Franco's face collaged in print everywhere. It is a little ridiculous and a lot awesome . 
( Leave me alone, it was a gag gift from my older brother to poke fun at my love for Franco, or was it? That is my story and I am sticking to it. )
Anyway, I thought it would be funny to take a selfie in it and send it his way. 
It was right around the holidays so I believed it to be a gift from above. 
Thanks Big G!

Alright, alright, alright...I'll share it...

This is me awkwardly trying to entice him ...

Okay, I think it is time to share the serious stuff...I've been told awkward works for me so I usually lead off with it.

I attended Francofest last week in NYC and I was not about to miss this opportunity for my second official encounter with James Franco. For a 7:15pm time slot, I arrived at 3:00pm. I scoped the scene out but no one had arrived. I walked around the Village but never truly going to far so I can keep my eye out for the crowd. I'd say around 5:30 pm is when I really arrived to make my territory. 
That is me: First one lined up and ready to go!
I chose to go see Francophrenia because it was one of the films I personally had never seen before. I had multiple passes to this event.  As I was in the front it allowed me to people watch as hundreds turned to thousands of people lining up trying to get in or catch a glimpse. 
At one point I just saw a girl sobbing. I did not really know what was going on but had overheard her friend got her the wrong pass for a different show by accident and she could not get in. She had taken off work and drive over 4 hours from Boston!! And I thought I was making an effort. 
I was so happy that I was able to turn to her and say, " Do not be upset, today is your lucky day! "
I was never able to do that for someone on that level and it felt great!
She was then crying for a different reason because she was so grateful and it was such an amazing feeling. I felt more lucky to do that for someone than she probably felt receiving it. 

Anyway, that's me, always getting side tracked. Everyone in the front became fast friends as we froze our yambags off with that sharp NYC windchill piercing through our bones!
The things we do for Franco.

But it was all worth it because now I can share my Front Row and Center Experience inside...

My foot on the stage as James Franco Speaks!

My sneaking a selfie when Franco isn't looking so he doesn't know I'm a creep. 


Below lists each video topic if anyone cares or just wants to look at him. 



For More Video Please Click on my Facebook Page Link Below as the remainder are to long to be uploaded on this blog. 

4 min 7 secs.
Intro to James Franco working with Ian and how the production of the film not only came about but premiering it at festivals, going to NYU, etc. 

58 secs.
James Franco describes how he filmed the movie while playing the Soap Character, FRANCO

11 secs.
Over the Top is fun...
hence this blog.

1 min 54 secs.
James Franco breaks down the effects of portraying a "maniacal" character with his morality. 
(Special appearance of me freaking out towards the end)

29 secs.
1 Night of filming James' crazy faces<3

31 secs.
James discusses Soap work and the contemporary art world. Part 1

29 secs.
Continued. Part 2

35 secs.
James discusses Francophenia

I thought it was super cute that he seemed to keep lifting his leg pacing back like a nervous habit <3

To the normal human eye many would argue these photos are exactly the same, but true fans will be able to detect the slight differences in his facial expressions and mannerisms.

Good Lord That Smile!

Franco Faces!

And I have Fallen...

Top 5 Reasons He is perfect for me...

1) His Eye Wrinkles 
2) He adores his Grandma, as do I
3) He connects with his IG Family on the reg. and he writes about relevant social topics to check out.

4) He went to NYU. James is so creative, artistic, and smart. He continues to educate himself, dares to tackle and excel in his artistic crafts, and makes unexplainable choices. He also gives back and helps others achieve their goals. And.... is extremely mathematical which is a turn on because numbers frighten me. He can teach me something in the relationship.

5) He reminds me of every guy I went to high school with except smolders like this...

oh yeah, bonus reason...
We would make such cute children...

Now for the story about my intro to James Franco...
Through my radio gig I was able to finally get my one on one time with James Franco after Francophenia. 
Only I froze. 
Everything I imagined and had planned in my head could not make it to the surface. 
when the moment was about to pass me by, I remembered the angel stripper from Can't Hardly Wait, 

"There is fate, but it only takes you so far."

I pulled out of my pocket my secret weapon...

A Milky Way bar that I had purchased for him before the Fest.
It is his special food, as is mine...allegedly. 
(And also bonus reason we should be a power couple number 7)

I screamed out, 
"James Franco, I got this for you!"
I handed him the Milky Way. 
I honestly could not tell you how he re-acted because I was so lost in the moment and sorry Eminem, but I did not own it.
It seemed like a quick dream.
I was told by several fans it was a genius move and he was beaming ear to ear.
Someone from his team even told me they never saw him cheese so hard from a fan.
(Do not steal my move, he will know.)
I was overcome with joy as I gave myself a headache from smiling the rest of the night and bragged to all my Facebook friends of the encounter.
Until I found out, he made an announcement that he does not like Milky Ways and that everyone gives him Milky Ways! 
Now I feel like a tool. 

This is The End. 

Franco, if you are reading, SEE YOU ON BROADWAY!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Wolf of Wall Street Calls Us Hipsters (Real Footage and Photos)

ATTENTION: I have approx. 10 minutes of exclusive interview footage that cannot be uploaded due to the size of the files...I have included the links to my FaceBook Page where you can view the videos in whole and follow for future posts.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers<3
I love you like Leo loves making 3 hour movies!

An experience of a lifetime, the well-spoken, iconic actor is everything you would dream him to be.
For someone of his career status to take the time to connect with his audience shows he is the Derek Jeter of film, a real class act!

After attending a retrospective Q&A discussion on the epic pairing of Leonardo DiCaprio and  legendary Marty Scorsese, I had to share some inside scoop!
I must admit, I was not always a Leo fan. Don't get me wrong, when Luke graced the covers of Teen Bop I certainly wallpapered my bedroom, but never really got the whole Titanic craze. It was not until Catch Me If You Can that I truly decided to start chasing. 
Somewhere between Blood Diamond and The Departed is really when my "vahina" decided he was someone she wanted to be friends with.

Check out Leo giving us insight on his 5th collaboration with Marty and providing us with more of an in depth synopsis on another one of his Oscar-worthy performances. 


Second Video Link:

Third Video Link:

This is probably the best one. 

Speaking so elegantly. 

A panel of cinematic innovators. 

Learning from the Masters.

He answered my question PERFECTLY
To me this film represents how far greed and overindulgence can take you, and the acceptance of immoral characters...many people look up to this man, Jordan Belfort, and think of him as cool or a hero, I often refer to this syndrome as Disick Disorder, what are your thoughts?
Direct Quote: 
" We are not glorifying this world or these characters, this is simply our reaction and our interpretation of the ridiculous chaos and behavior that goes on around us. People do not even get punished properly for this type of immoral conduct, but that is the authenticity of the film and reality. " - Dicaprio

Moral of the story is I was seriously only 10 rows back. F*** the Iphone.
To quote Rose, He exists now only in my memory.