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Win Tickets to See WWE Wrestling Icon, Hulk Hogan !

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For immediate release, Friday, June 27, 2014
Hulk Hogan Comes to iPlay America Aug. 2 for Special ‘Uncut’ Engagement
Freehold, N.J. — Every fan of professional wrestling knows Hulk Hogan. Most people in the U.S. probably know who he is. But few have had an opportunity to talk with him directly. Now they have that chance when iPlay America hosts The Hulkster for an intimate chat, “Uncut,” with fans at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 2.
“The Hulk is an icon of professional wrestling. No one in the region has brought him in for an opportunity like this,” said Jessica Schwartz, director of marketing for iPlay America.
He was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2003, and World Wrestling Entertainment inducted Hogan into its Hall of Fame in 2005. Hogan is a 12-time world champion — six times with World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment and six times with the competing World Championship Wrestling. He earned numerous other championships and awards during his career.
In addition to being a wrestling star, he is also a television and movie star. Hogan starred in “Suburban Commando,” “Mr. Nanny,” and “3 Ninjas” High Noon at Mega Mountain,” in addition to appearing in “Rocky III” and “No Holds Barred.” He appeared in several television shows and starred in his own series titled “Thunder in Paradise” in 1994 and in 2005 had a reality television show with his family called “Hogan Knows Best.” He is also a talented musician who has played guitar since childhood. He even release a music CD titled “Hulk Rules.”
Hogan continues to be involved with the WWE and hosted Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans, Louisiana, in April. He also lends his voice to video game characters and has done guest voice spots for shows like “American Dad!” and “Robot Chicken.”
Fans can bring their questions about his experiences and matches as a member of World Wrestling Entertainment and its predecessor, the World Wrestling Federation, and anything else they want to know. iPlay America will offer three packages: General admission; VIP; and Platinum.
·        General admission tickets are $39.95 and include the question and answer session and a $10 iPlay America game card.
·        The VIP package includes a general admission ticket to the question and answer session, early entry to iPlay America’s Event Center, a photo with Hogan, a pre-signed 8x10 photo, an iPlay America iRide Plus band and $25 iPlay America game card for $149.95.
·        The Platinum package offers a unique experience beginning at 1:30 p.m., including lunch and beverages with an open bar serving beer and wine for those 21 and older, a meet and greet with photo opportunity, a 16x20 photo to be hand signed during the meet and greet, seating in the first three rows for the question and answer session, and a $25 iPlay America game card, for $249.95. Ticket holders age 12 or younger must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder for this package.
For more information, see,  732-577-8200.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Marisa Tomei, Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Toni Collette, Need I say More...The Realistic Jones

The moment has arrived.
Marissa and I. Nuff said.
Those of you that know me on a personal level are aware that my obsession began as young child. The first time my parents sat me down and made us watch a movie about our culture, our ancestry, and where we came from.
Yup, that’s right, My Cousin Vinny.
This was the most accurate depiction of the people I had grown up around that I had ever seen. It was absolutely perfect.
Even as I child, I remember thinking this is not a caricature. This is real life. As real as Hollywood could glamorize it, they nailed it, hence her Oscar win!
Victory for the Italia!

I immediately began imitating her, the way she spoke, her mannerisms. In fact my parents had me do it for others at parties just for kicks and giggles like I was their show pony. It always got a huge laugh and reaction, a 5 year old channeling an adaptation of such a character.

I carried the love for this movie and for her well into my 20’s and as I rapidly approach 30s. I am known the quote the entire film from start to finish to strangers when I am inebriated at bars…Oh well, still gets a laugh…or security.
From My Cousin Vinny on, she could do no wrong.
And I cannot forget Only You, her and Robert Downey JR, I mean, I live for that movie! It sealed the deal. I am still looking for my Damian Bradley if you know anyone. I have watched Marissa mature into movies like The Wrestler with as much ease as she delivered in Parental Guidance. I repeat no matter what she is in, artsy or hokey, I love it all. You could imagine my intense delight when I got the opportunity to meet and greet with her during the fabulously raw, The Realistic Jones, on Broadway! This was ultimate.
Allow me to share!


Showing Marissa all the hard work that went into making this costume perfect...


And she loved it <3

Cause yeah, you blend...

I bet the Chinese Food is terrible...

No! The Defense is Wrong!



Charles Isherwood —The New York Times
Academy Award® nominee TONI COLLETTE (Muriel’s Wedding, Hostages), Golden Globe® winner MICHAEL C. HALL (Dexter, Six Feet Under), Tony Award® winner TRACY LETTS (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Homeland) and Academy Award® winner MARISA TOMEI (My Cousin Vinny, The Wrestler) starred in THE REALISTIC JONESES, hailed by The New York Times as "a tender, funny and terrific new play with the spring's most enticing new cast."
Written by Pulitzer Prize finalist WILL ENO and directed by SAM GOLD (Fun Home, The Flick), it is an unconventional, unexpected, original and outrageous look at the people who live next door and the truths we think we know, "moving, funny and thrilling to watch" (The Economist).


Part 2 Dexter…

Michael C. Hall has established himself as a staple in television but perhaps the role that solidified his stay is Dexter Morgan, a vigilante serial killer who targets other murderers who have manipulated the justice system. My best friend happens to be one of the biggest fans of the show. She has even named things that will remain nameless after him. If this was an SAT formulated question it would read… Dexter is to her what ________ is to me. And if you filled out James Franco, you would get a perfect score. She has been vocally obsessed and in love with the show for years. When I had my few moments with him, he was nothing but sweet and charming, seriously couldn’t have been nicer.
Against my better judgment, I simply couldn’t control myself and miss this once and a lifetime opportunity. YOLO! Plus, I really wanted to win the ABSOLUTE BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AWARD, so I mustered up some courage and went for it…

“Mr. Michael Hall…I’m sure you get this all the time and you could certainly say NO to me and I won’t think an less of you or call you a butt munch to strangers…But my best friend is in love with you and Dexter, would you mind calling her? “

Yup, I went there. This is a tactic I would normally never attempt (only the most skillful of media could pull off this move without it coming across completely unprofessional. I have been very blessed thus far with these opportunities and I try not to completely FAN/DORK out to hard even though I typically want to start crying like an 11 year old, confused, pubescent tween at an NSYNC concert. (And yes, I am pretty much referring to Franco encounters)

So anywho…back to it.
I decided to be fearless, bold, and borderline crazy and it worked!

He was all about it! I dialed her number and handed him the phone...
My adrenaline is sky rocketing, I am so excited for her.

Holy ShiZ, can you say anxious…

I hear it go to voicemail. “It is 9 o clock at night, I’m gonna slap this B**ch”

Michael chuckles, “No, this is even better. I’ll leave her a voicemail so she can have it forever.”

I couldn’t believe how into it he was. He was going along with it like we were making prank phone calls at a sleepover.

Then “BEEP” ,  he begins to speak.

“Hello, Nicole…( Insert the most bad ass Dexter voice you could ever dream of ) Do you know who this is? It’s going down tonight. We are going to paint the town red with blood.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

Amazing Right?

I am on cloud 9 and just kept thanking and thanking him. He was smiling and had a total blast with it. We say our goodbyes after a few photos and my thumbs go into overdrive texting this girl to check her voicemail.

She writes back: My mailbox is full, didn’t get anything. Y? Whatsup?
(She has the type where it says it’s full at the end of the message with Dexter and I didn’t stay on long enough to hear apparently)

I could just scream. I explain everything that just happened as we both are cursing in disbelief. Thank God, I had my other partner in crime Chris there to witness this magical moment.

We ever tried to contact Verizon since we had the exact date and time of the call to try and retrieve anything. Lost Cause.
I never got my award. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hustle and Grind

Success is a direct result of hard work. I am not denying that or arguing that, please make no mistake there. 
However, I want those who consider themselves as successful individuals to imagine something for me... Imagine you work as hard as you have been and continue to do so and you still never quite reach those goals that you have set for yourself… Because guess what? 

Plain and simple, that just happens sometimes and it is of little to no reflection of how hard you work or have been working. 
Ex: Ever see American Idol, everyone can sing, everyone has that dream and drive, but only one winner right?

A true testament of one’s character is the never giving up part, not necessarily the result. 

*Just think about the single mother working two jobs to survive and feed her children…Do you think she works more or less harder than you?
I'm not trying to imply anything other than "Get off your high horse and be grateful!"

Some people who have been blessed to receive the fruits of their labor need to be thankful not braggadocious or belittling to others. 

These people seem to be acting / thinking as if they are the only one’s who hustle out in this world, or are the only one's smart enough to figure out the game of life, and are impervious to failure, simply because they have the material proof to back it up or their dreams have been reached. 

What maybe important to them may not be important to others given people's circumstances in this life. Everyone has a journey and a path and it is crucial to have standards and goals but it is even more crucial to never let them go because someone else has made you feel that you are way behind at the starting point when they think you should have been at the finish line. 

In essence making you feel like you must not have been working to your full potential or you lack some type of innate gift that powers them to the top ( which is actually true, it's called narcissism and pretentiousness/Big Head Syndrome). Funny thing is these people seem to have a synonym for it ... I believe they think it's called 

The truth is there is no real measuring of one’s work ethic except maybe resilience. The only difference between the man emptying the garbage and the CEO is a title if done with the same amount of honor and humility. Everyone deserves everyone’s respect until proven otherwise. 

The arrogance and lack of compassion of these individuals is what separates them from the rest of us, not their “hustle and grind”. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story

I usually dread the first day of September as it approaches Labor Day weekend and marks the summer’s end. This year Lifetime is giving me a new reason to begin fall with some gusto. From the network that brought us Liz and Dick, House of Versace, When Friends Kill, Death of a Cheerleader, and that one where Candace Cameron gets abused by Fred Savage, we are now being delivered, The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.
This is the inside scoop of the sex-capades, drugs, and the usual coming of age tale about six young adults catapulted into stardom across every mall in America. Saturday morning television was never the same after we were introduced to Zack Morris, a lovable yet mischievous teen charming his way into our hearts and living rooms. Kid tested and parent approved. ( Think Dennis the Menace meets Ryan Gosling in the early 90s. )
Every young gal met her first crush and wished he would climb in her window like he did Jesse Spano or even throw her their own personal prom after her dad lost his job, aka Kelly K.  P.s.  I am 28 years old and I still hold a grudge about Jeff. I hate that guy. No wonder he has never worked again. That was no coincidence.
Every young guy  had found his new idol.  Zack was the perfect mix of what everyone was looking for.  He always pulled off crazy schemes/stunts to get what he wanted, but a lesson was learned and his heart was always in the right place so we let it slide. If you are going to be in the principals office that often, you might as well make a friend.
Except every once and awhile the show got serious. We all know where I am going with this. Caffeine pills, dancing, excitement equals SCARED! Plus, the Johnny Dakota fiasco and the drinking and driving  incidents. Those episodes always managed to creep in from time to time, understandably so, we were trying to better ourselves here.
I could go on, giving you a detailed synopsis of the show and every other groundbreaking character and why we could relate/love them, but I won’t. Because honestly…if you do not already know about them, I cannot help you in life. It is called syndication people, educate yourself. I for one could not get enough of the E! True Hollywood Story and that lacked strength in detail, so I can’t imagine how on engaged I will be in unauthorized cinematic adventure.  The high jinks that we will find out ensued on set will put the wedding in Vegas to shame!
I personally love the way Lifetime and television in general is going. It is quenching every thirst of entertainment. I was thrilled when my Hot Topics Queen, Wendy Williams, informed me Whitney Houston and Aaliyah bio-pics were in the works, but this is beyond my wildest dreams. The innocence of my childhood will finally collide in a game of chicken with my adulthood and life experience. I will once and for all feel an even stronger connection to these characters, once I realize that our journey together has been based on an ideal and not a reality.
Most of the cast has faded into normalcy, but some are still very relevant in the acting and entertainment circuit. Whether it’s a show on TNT ( Who Knows Drama ), Hosting, Dancing with the Stars, etc, their fan base is stepping out of the shadow to assume their rank in pop culture. I cannot wait to peel this onion, probably cry and find out the behind the scenes dirt! Who is with me?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Free The Nipple

First off I’d like to preface this by saying that am aware of my own clashing words/ideals as I am a product of modern day social norms mixed with old school traditions and values. It’s almost impossible for some feelings not to conflict as we have been forced to evolve in some cases for the better and some for the worse.
Do I believe in equality? 100%. We are all humans and yup it’s 2014, get with it.
Do I believe a working woman should make as much as a man? Abso-friggin-lutley.
However, do I believe a man should pay on a first date? Hell to the yea, if he has any class and decency.
Boom! Here is where it gets tricky and we just have to accept our cultural structure.

I always joke around that we are all feminists till the check comes… ( a one-liner I stole from George Costanza that I pass off as my own ).
Most women do feel this way. We expect both. We want both.
I try to consider this logic… I make seventy cents to a man’s dollar. He can be a gentleman and save up that extra 30 cents he is getting and buy me a turkey wrap.
Gosh, I really hope people get my humor.
I just come from a unit where my father has always been the provider and my mother the nurturer. Now that is not to say my mom did nothing. She actually worked in medical billing most of my life, but that was not her “role” in the family. I am not saying that is the right way, wrong way, or normal way. Either way, I’m off topic. I just want to give you a glimpse into appreciating where I am coming from. I understand the dynamics have changed drastically. I am a firm believer in adapting, finding your purpose, and reaching a woman’s full capabilities. We are actually limitless in our achievements. After all, women are the centerpiece for life. A true woman is a very powerful boulder. Just ask Malala. With education, strength, and confidence, females can handle our selves in the field, boardroom, or anywhere else you need some glue and foundation. We should be very thankful for the journey we have come as women thus far. Tosh.0 says is best, “America, not a bad country to be #2 in!”

We did ask for this though. We did ask for the change. However, now we struggle with all the effects of the aftermath and evolution.
Honestly, it was not THAT long ago our voices were not being heard and had no value. Let’s us not forget that, the reality of the fight, or those true trailblazers that paved the way.

I am prepared for the backlash that I may receive, but this Free The Nipple campaign really burnt my toast and agitated me. Please allow me to explain as to why. Although, I do not find the breast or the campaign offensive (We all got nips, it’s no big deal) nor am I some conservative abomination, but that fact that this is what “feminists” are using our voice for? I find it ridiculous, worthless, stupid, and dangerous. Scout Willis, I’m sure when you walked down the NYC streets picking out fruit, you had a bodyguard, or were surrounded by enough individuals that you were in no real danger. To me you are proof, that everyone needs a cause no matter how privileged or relevant.

When are we going to realize, this is not National Geo-graphics and this is the reality of OUR culture. The one we created and have existed in for countless years. Women already complain that in our particular culture, we are constantly in the media and everywhere else as sexualized beings. Let us add fuel to the fire.

Look at Instagram right now, 60% of females already only put their worth into selfies, likes, and over exposing themselves for attention and gratification. Do you think that is going to be better or worse if this is passed? What exactly are women trying to accomplish? The unfair double standard of nipples? I am really not that jealous that men can get away with it and I can't. I have bigger fish to fry and grievances to expose. 

And men... just be careful what you wish for because if this becomes acceptable, not every lady looks like a Vicky’s Supermodel. Areolas, come in all shapes and sizes, and they ain’t all works of art. Unless perhaps a Picasso.  
( P.s. I always found the word, Areola to be such a beautiful sounding name. Right? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Ya know for a little girl…I mean, I would never actually do that to someone, but I’m just saying. It’s kind of like a princess name. Ariel meets Aurura. Oh well, close enough. ) All jokes aside, think about this ladies.

Let’s analyze at the danger factor too. This has never been the norm. Men in our country will reach new levels of perversion while we continue to struggle and attempt to be taken seriously. They simply would not be able to handle it. There are a heck of a lot more crazy people out there walking around then normal ones. I got an idea! Let’s put some bait on the hook. Then we can get angry when they bite and have a brand new cause we can blame on others.
Please, do not misconstrue my intention or understanding of what I think the ultimate goal of the Free The Nipple Campaign was, because I grasp it. Pointing out that a nipple really isn't a very big deal, and it isn't but the facts are facts and the truth runs deeper. I just think our time, energy, voice, and intelligence should be spent elsewhere. I am not a feminist, I am not anything with an “ist” on the end because I do not believe in that. If someone wants to put that kind of label on me, then I guess you may have to go with realist. But I am simply a woman trying to use my voice in the world, which is exactly what my predecessors before me succeeded at doing. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

In Love With a Writer

Inspired by and Written for The Author of Directing Herbert White, James Franco

I put you on a pedestal, yet do not know who you are
A lone connection I've conjured up between myself and my interpretation of the vision alive on your pages
A relationship with your words is the root of our bond;
What you project is also what you hide behind

Does anyone know the real you? or care?
The characters have camouflaged the ability to understand you
Leaving me spending my dreams chasing the truth

And through your truth I discover myself on your pages
Inspiring me to dig deeper in every aspect of your written word and my own
That is my attachment to you
That is how I obsess

I am drawn into a person who will never be exposed
Only his chosen creations
The same struggle I fight in my own thoughts and life

Fallen for your words
Fallen for your pages &
Fallen for a glimpse of the secrets you reveal

Through truth

You speak to me

By: Jessica Schirripa 3/28/14