Thursday, January 22, 2015

CoffeeTawkNJ Introduces Veronica Kole: Lose Your Love

Veronica Kole is a unique bilingual teen pop performing artist from New Jersey. With over 350 performances within the last 3 years, thousands of fans on her social networking websites, and the millions of people she’s performed in front of, nothing will stop her from reaching the top. Not only is music her passion but she dances, plays guitar, piano, writes all her own music, and sings/writes in Spanish. At the age of 9 after the death of her brother, she found her passion in music. She started in School and Church choirs, along with an Opera choir and sang in Rome for the Pope at only 12 years old. She has also headlined at Hershey Park, Disney World, Six Flags Great Adventure, Royal Caribbean cruise line, Prudential Center, and Mohegan Sun. Recently she's performed for Pop Explosion Tour (with Midnight Red), Summer Jam (headlining with IM5 and Maddi Jane), Fall Fling Tour (R5, and Fifth Harmony), her own nationwide Headlining Anti Bullying school tour, a BRAND NEW self headlining tour "Donations for Daddy" in the name of her father with her 501c3 donating profits to Sloan Kettering Research Center for Liver Cancer, and many other stadiums and huge venues. With the support of fans all over America, she's working on achieving her dreams of becoming a household name all over the world. Touring up and down the East Coast & West Coast; Veronica performed in California, Tennessee, Chicago, Ohio, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Charleston, all around Florida, and of course the Tri State Area, in over 50 days of consecutive touring within the past two years. Not only has she performed in the U.S, but out of the country; she’s performed in Italy, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and Honduras. She has recently done her 2nd interview with 103.5 KTU on KTU cares, Telemundo, NJN, and News 12 NJ. She’s also appeared on TV, radio, movies, commercials, magazine covers, and more. Other than singing, Veronica devotes majority of her time helping people in need. She’s a 4 year Youth Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association and Por Tu Familia in which she has done many speeches, sponsorship letters, and fundraisers for, as well as performing for the American Cancer Society in several fund raisers. Within the last year, she has started her own award winning Anti Bullying Campaign called “Become a VeRoleModel, STOP Bullying” and has spoken at over 20 schools this year alone, hosted events, donated to other organizations, and most importantly, saved the lives of many children of all ages who she’s impacted not only in person, but online. With her faithful fans traveling from all over to meet her, supporting her in every step of her journey, and playing one of the biggest roles in her career; Veronica continues her journey with a open heart and a huge appreciation for everyone who has helped her come so far. Her relatable songs, charisma on and off stage, bubbly personality, individual sense of style and artistry, hardworking determination, and positive message makes her a true “America’s sweetheart”.  Veronica hopes to connect with audiences around the world, share her music with ears across the globe, and become every young person’s “Every Day Superhero”.   

Instagram/Twiitter - @veronica_kole
Promoter Twitter/Instagram - @snooki / @snookinic

Monday, January 19, 2015

Selfie Obsessed Culture: How This Generation Sees Themselves

From young ages, our brains are trained to build confidence as we embrace the beauty in our flaws and our individuality. However, in recent years, Whitney Houston’s signature message seems to have gotten lost in translation.
Two ongoing media trends are getting linked together as contributors to one another’s affluent presence among this generation’s culture: selfies and mental disorders.
It may sound extreme, but expert psychologists are sharing their studies with the public and the results are concerning.
Narcissism, OCD, superficial obsessions, unrealistic expectations, entitlement, insecurity and other underlying traits can be magnified through selfies and can lead to destructive behaviors.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How Young Is Too Young? Kylie Jenner & Breast Implants

Kylie Jenner is the youngest sibling of the Kardashian clan and is the recent focus of a social media backlash as she boasts her new, ample assets for display. Did Kylie Jenner get breast implants? After posting recent pictures on her Instagram account where she had a noticeably over-inflated pout, modeling shots have now surfaced showcasing possible breast implants. The internet may not have broken, but there was certainly a heavy response from media sources that couldn’t stop sharing their opinion and interest in the topic of young women, especially teens, and breast implants. It would not be in her genetic nature to shy away from the camera, or hide from the limelight and controversy.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Emmy Award Winning Political Psychologist Bart Rossi Addresses Our Country

NEW YORK, NY- Dr. Bart Rossi, featured as a recurring panelist on 
many news outlets, public affair segments. 
He is an Emmy Award Winner
 for his role on Fresh Outlook with the EBRU network solidifying 
his place as one of the most influential 
political psychologists in the industry. 
Psychology is a huge factor in politics. 
He has contributed and covered 
the most controversial and relevant political issues and sparked 
conversations throughout the media on panels featured on 
MSNBC, FOX, CBS, PIX 11, MY9, News 12, etc. 

Coming from an unbiased platform, 
Dr. Bart Rossi analyzes the specific characteristics
 affecting the public backlash against New York City’s 
Mayor Bill de Blasio and the unfortunate racial, political, 
and authoritative divide that is currently plaguing the United States. 

Dr. Bart Rossi has been a scholarly and authentic speaker on such 
major hot button topics such as Obama’s immigration plan, 
clinical, and mental health issues including “obsession with selfies”, 
passing of comedy legend, Robin Williams, economics, Ebola crisis, 
and other current affairs happening in the news today from a 
professional, psychological standpoint.

Political psychologist, Dr. Bart Rossi, presents his perspective to 
remove the stigma of political parties and agenda and focus on the 
distinct personality traits of the individual leaders that are navigating 
around the issues and determining the results of our country’s future. 

Bart Rossi will be offering explanations that may help the 
younger, upcoming generation of voters understand the
 deep connection between the reasoning and outcomes behind 
these political talking points with psychological analysis as a 
new election approaches. He breaks down for the viewers 
who are interpreting the ongoing issues affecting the youth of 
America. He can provide and access a descriptive 
outline of attributes for discussion panels to produce into hot topic 
segments for the most credible news sources across the country.

About Dr. Bart Rossi Pd. D, Political Psychologist:

Dr. Rossi is NJ Licensed Psychologist and author of The New-New American Life Style: Post September 11, 2001, A Psychologist’s Perspective – who began his career providing psychological care to a wide-range of clientele — through private practice, medical centers and other organizations, state-wide. Also, a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, an extremely exclusive certification among his peers and colleagues, solidifying his credibility in mental and clinical health.
Served as co-Director of the Independent Child Study Teams, Inc. in Jersey City, and also as Director of the Adolescent Counseling Center of Somerset County. Founder of the Rossi Psychological Group, P.A, where — as CEO — he oversaw a group comprised of over 50 licensed psychologists and medical professionals possessing expertise in specialized clinical areas. The Rossi Psychological Group then became an affiliate of Vericare, the largest behavioral health company in the U.S.
Throughout the years he has worked with the New Jersey Parole Board Psychological Evaluations of Inmates, the New Jersey Department of Corrections [for the specialized training of 6,000+ Corrections Officers], the Hudson County Employee Assistance Program, and has been a Keynote speaker for the American Psychological Association Annual Practice Directorate Meeting [with representatives from all 50 states.]

Dr. Rossi received his B.A. in psychology at Parson’s College, (Iowa), M.A., in clinical psychology at the University of Dayton (Ohio), M.A. in General-Theoretical psychology at Fordham University, (NY) and his Ph.D. in General-Theoretical Psychology at Fordham University (NY). He is a member of the American Psychological Association, New Jersey Psychological Association (former board member), and the New Jersey Association for the Advancement of Psychology (former chairperson). 

To book a interview or segment with Dr. Bart Rossi,

please contact media lead, 

Jessica Schirripa of X Factor Digital Media

Monday, December 22, 2014

Selfies to Self-Destruction | Social Lifestyle Magazine

InstaGram Selfies vs. Insta-Gating Mental Disorders

Social Medias ongoing affect on perception...

 Thank you  Dr. Bart Rossi for your expert input.