Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fake It ‘Til You Make

Social media is an evolving instrument for the new millennial platform to continually promote the “fake it till you make it” type mentality and lifestyle. With everyone investing some serious time in their uploads and hashtags, the internet has become the number one source for branding as well as receiving your daily dosage of inspiration. Most individuals showcase photos as they celebrate their accomplishments and splatter the visual proof across every social feed. Understandably so, this is seemingly the only way Generation Y knows how to cultivate the marketplace- with new followers and extended reach through their own powerful bragging rights. I know this first hand as I attempted to design and build up my own credibility through a local entertainment media channel, CoffeeTawkNJ.
After experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions in my early 20 something’s with many failures and catapulted glimpses of success, I found myself at a crossroads. I was fortunate enough to establish a community name for myself which lead to opportunities that I had always considered to be a lifelong dream. Although I had my fair share of trend-worthy moments, my social media made it seem like I was living a much more glamourous life than I actually was.
After graduating, achieving my B.A. in Radio/Broadcast/Journalism, with the goal in mind of ending up like the next Guiliana Rancic, or perhaps Elvis Duran, I set out to conquer media and entertainment in any way I knew how. My first glimpse behind-the-scenes was at a boutique style metal music publicity firm. I started off interning (a.k.a. working for free for those who live under a rock), and justified the opportunity as a resume builder and a necessary evil for working my way up. Aside from being one of the coolest gigs one could have out of college, being backstage with Metallica, LOG, etc., at such accredited venues like MSG in NYC, I gained a lot of knowledge regarding the business aspect of the music industry. Not being much of a metal head, I appreciated and respected the legends I was honored to have met, and used every bit of experience to my advantage. In fact, an opportunity arose about a year or two down the road after I was recruited by a Fashion PR Firm in Manhattan. Long story short, it didn’t turn into the 6 season HBO hit series, SATC like I thought it would. We are talking broke as a joke, no work/life balance, or even potential vision for a real future. So I took a step back again.
After a brief position in which I attempted to establish my own path and responsibilities at a media/advertising agency fell through, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I created CoffeeTawkNJ. At first it was nothing more than an outlet for me to release my thoughts, energy, and follow some of my creative passions while working full-time elsewhere in order to survive/pay my bills. I have been very fortunate in my life to have the luxury of a living at home and maintaining an excellent & supportive relationship with both parents, which allowed me to truly figure things out. Here I am at a quarter life crisis, as financially independent as I could be minus a rent, and still couldn’t see my big picture panning out. I was out and about, meeting people, networking, getting my name out there, and scoring some game-changing opportunities through my little, Jersey gimmick based blog.
Without going into detail, I encourage you actually check out the blog to read about some of my outrageous celebrity encounters. My confidence not only grew but so did the opportunity. Of course it took much more investment, but I finagled a position co-hosting a radio show. Hello Dreams, where have you been all my life? Things quickly began to shift. I was getting my foot in the door with big names, reality TV personalities, and even exclusive interviews with some of my ultimate Hollywood stars. Again, although I was pursuing my dreams and I appeared to being living out my fantasy, my bank account was simply not reflecting my hard work or the epic situations I was getting myself into. My father would often joke that I was his little “con-artist” because it didn’t make sense that I was getting A-list opportunities with little to no credentials. However, classmates and old friends were reaching out to me non-stop asking what the heck I did for a living that I was with all these superstars…or if I could help them. I felt like such a hack because deep down I knew my social media promoted a false sense of what was really happening in my life… your typical millennial struggle, a promise/guarantee that if by doing everything right it will take you everywhere you need to go- and that simply wasn’t the case. 401K Followers does not equal 401K remember that… Although, I was getting dynamic and positive results from my go-getting attitude, just no security or stability on the job front.
I was inspired to write this after a few months stationed at what I feel has been my big break- X Factor Media. After years of connecting the dots, innovating my own initiatives through digital breaks like Elite Daily articles gone viral, In The Chair on WCTC 1450, Hosting on WKMB, CoffeeTawkNJ, etc., X Factor became my home base. My current boss found me on Linkedin and noticed my constant quest for world domination. At X Factor, I finally feel comfortable that what I have been doing all along on the side, not only pays off, but it solidified a true testament for me to continue to do what I know how to do best. In six short months, X Factor has provided me with ongoing possibilities in various aspects of content curation and offering me backend support in my pursuit of media and entertainment.
I felt obliged to share my insight with the new millennials who are forced into this “fake it till you make it” social media realm. Social image and influence seems to be one of the strongest and most powerful ways to seek out new levels for networking, a fresh way to reinvent and brand oneself until you find what makes you happy, and eventually your break explodes. It is not going to ever happen the way you anticipated, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do not feel bad about having to “fake it till you make it” because at the end of the day everyone is in the same boat- up the creek without a paddle. I only endorse we talk about it more among other millennials to address the reality behind every 20 something year old's situation and motivate each other to strive further.

James Franco is the Man...Or At Least Become One Last Fall

At the mature age of 37, James Franco has finally approached the right of passage to manhood, thanks to funny man and long-time bestie, Seth Rogen. Rogen and his lovely wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, are throwing Jimmy an official Bar Mitzvah at Hilarity for Charity’s Variety show this October in Hollywood.
The Rogens founded Hilarity for Charity in order to promote awareness of Alzheimer's disease after his mother-in-law was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at the young age of 55.
Franco and Rogen always seem to be coming together and making entertainment headlines for publicity stunts gone viral (see: their reenactment of Kimye's "Bound 2" music video). However, this adorable duo is committing to a real "mitzvah."
Since Franco identifies as Jewish, and he unfortunately missed out on certain cultural traditions paying homage to his faith, this will be a huge milestone for the charming method actor. Knowing about Franco's passion for artistic integrity, we have no doubt he will be studying the Torah and will not take his next steps to becoming a man lightly!
"Ever since I've known James, he's been talking about wanting a bar mitzvah. We're excited to see him finally become a man while also helping us raise awareness and funds for people living with Alzheimer's and towards research that will lead to a cure," Rogen said in a statement to Variety. "And in celebration we'll also have a mohel and a live bris for James at the event. You don't want to miss it."
The occasion will be the 4th annual Hilarity for Charity Variety show. Last year’s prom night-themed show raised $1 million for the cause.
Miller Rogen said,
Using their social influence, various entertainment avenues and comedic skills to inspire new millennials to educate themselves and give back in a fresh, original collaborative is what makes these two stars a force to be reckoned with. Their passion and initiatives towards this charity and chase for constant growth/education mirrors the same gusto as a drunk girl searching for hope- it's endearing and buzz worthy in every aspect of the cause! These buds have gone from Freaks & Geeks to Hollywood Heartthrobs ( Dadbods are in!) and they are making a statement! As I may be past my own prepubescent feelings towards James, I feel watching him embark on this journey is life's way of coming full circle. Mazel James and Seth!
Tickets go on sale August 11.
Stay Tuned.

Kelly Vs. Giuliana: We Have A Winner!

On the brink of what I find to be one of the most karma-tastic instances ever, Kelly Osbourne has given her public apology for a major foot-in-mouth moment on live television. Osbourne, 30, who was a guest co-host on The View, was trying to make a point about presidential hopeful Donald Trump when she asked, "If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?"
Now, do I believe Kelly Osbourne meant what she said or how it sounded? No.
Do I believe she chose an extremely poor choice of words to make her point? Yes.
However, this is not where my issue lies…
Prior to this accidental display of subconscious stereotyping, or what some are referring to as blatant racism, Kelly Osbourne made a headlining declaration against E!’s Fashion Police co-host, Giuliana Rancic. She felt so strongly, she left the show and a huge social media production was made.
After Rancic received tremendous flack for an awkwardly, disrespectful joke referring to patchouli oil and dreadlocks, Kelly took to Twitter immediately to air out her adamant feelings. This was in the wake of the passing of Joan Rivers, who I firmly believe would have stood by her long-time friend. (Was this Joan’s way of pulling some strings upstairs?)
Right or wrong, I think it was clear her misspoken words were not malicious in any way, and although offensive, were meant to draw a laugh. Kelly’s on the other hand was a bit more straightforward and not playful judging by the video. Since then Rosie Perez did what I always felt Kelly should have done. She stood her ground, but stood by the side of her co-host.
Rosie Perez Tweet:
My apologies @KellyOsbourne, I took your point wrong-#Trump #Latinos. My bad. Your heart is so pure & righteous. I adore you. @TheView
Either way, I felt like in the occurrence of the Fashion Police drama, Kelly should have been silent or simply not turned her back.
If it were me, my publicity statement would have read something like, “Even though I am in complete disagreement with her choice of words, I know her intentions were taken out of context and she is truly a good person who is very sorry. Moving forward, I hope she and many others have learned a lesson on how to be responsible for what they say and what they mean.”
P.S. I should be in PR right? That was good. Anyway…
Again, I am not defending either party but the hypocrisy of this event really had me wondering...
Why was one more acceptable than the other? Or society was so much more willing to forgive faster?
And personally, to me Kelly’s apology seemed slightly less than genuine and even a bit snarky given the scope of her f-up, but I do hope she sends an “I’m sorry” Giuliana’s way at some point.
Kelly Apology IG Post:
“I want to start by saying I ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions. In this particular case I will take responsibility for my poor choice of words but I will not apologize for being a racist as I am NOT. I whole-hearted fucked up today. I don’t want to bullshit anyone with lame excuses. Although, I was stopped mid-sentence by Rosie and couldn’t finish my point I will not let Rosie take responsibility for my words. I should have known better as I was on The View and it was live. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. It is my hope that this situation will open up a conversation about immigration and the Latin community as a whole. By the way I clean my own fucking toilets.”
For no other reason than not necessarily having her back in that situation and being presently under the microscope for the exact same thing. Giuliana is taking the high road and choosing not to comment on this trending news. Class act in my eyes.
Many times I believe people can be a bit too sensitive, but I also believe people in the public eye need to be a bit more mindful. Regardless, I will always throw support Giuliana’s way and I hope we take into consideration our potential to misspeak or our own glass houses before we throw stones in the future.

Monday, November 28, 2016

This Halloween Funny is the New Sexy

I’m so over the constant battle of funny vs. sexy, always pinning the Amy Schumer’s of the world up against the Kate Upton’s (as joked in Schumer’s most recent, successful HBO Comedy Special). Yes, sexy is more than just one’s looks- more than fitting the “traditional”, yet exotic (unrealistic) standards of allure- it is an attitude- and oftentimes associated with confidence. Although with a little stroking of the ego, bronzer, false lashes, and a push-up- anyone can achieve the requirements of “sexy”.
Funny however, comes from within- buried deep down inside and simply cannot be created from a beauty supply aisle at the supermarket. It is a magnetic force attracting from all four corners of the universe. So what exactly is the constant comparison?
I have always been the funny girl. It took me a very long time to accept that as my identifier and be proud of it. As a an adolescent young girl, I couldn’t quite figure out why I was never labeled “sexy”, or why I was the girl with a million dude friends but no boyfriends. The compliments were always the same, “Omg, Jess you’re so funny!” And don’t get me wrong…I eat that shit up too, but why did guys always want to be around me, yet were blind to my feminine attributes?
Look, I get it. I’m no Sophia Vergara, but I’m no mutant at table 9 either (Throwback Wedding Singer reference). I couldn’t comprehend why guys were contributing to me seeing myself as one way or the other. Are you funny? Or are you sexy? Which is it?
Halloween provides yet another opportunity for a woman to make this decision and analyze exactly who she is and who she wants to be. What kind of attention is truly valued?
Slutty cop? You have the right to remain sexy.
Does the nurse fantasy rev your engine?
Or the ironic, scantily clad nun?  How dirty…
Provocative seemed to be the only inevitable choice a woman has to pick from.
When a gal hits a certain age and makes that leap to be original- it still comes across desperate when attempting to pick the most obscure thing to spin their own sexy version. Enter “Sexy Jellyfish…” You got to be kidding me with this crap?
Usually this pursuit is to show people that you have “a brain” too. A real creative thinker… Fail. At least in recent years we have been acknowledging the ridiculousness of it all, so I guess that’s progress.
From a young age we are taught that a girl is one or the other. Clearly, this confuses us well into our mid-life especially this one night of the year. The idea that a woman has to make that choice in order to be attractive or funny is absurd! I know what you are going to say next… There are plenty of guys that want the funny girl- tons of guys are way deeper than I am giving them credit for… I’m sorry but the jury is still out on that one.
I could throw out all the adages about how beauty comes from within, or beauty fades, a beautiful soul is forever, yada, yada, yada. Tale as old as time. What’s the use?
For me it is more about the discussion- shifting the way we think rather than challenging the system or putting some potentially insecure females on blast for their visual displays to fulfill a Halloween’s sexualized obligation. This isn’t exactly meant to do that. My theories can be proven or disproven- no argument there, as I am only preaching from my own life experience. I merely want to give a shout out to my funny chicks for being true to themselves on the one night of the year you’re allowed to dress up as anyone else you want to be and have fun!
Despite my quest to decide what costume is right for me, I already know one thing- I’m going as sexy. Because NEWS FLASH- Funny is the new sexy this Halloween. So while all you ladies freeze your buns off in some fishnets and a corset, I’ll be discreet as the inflatable T-rex from Jurassic World.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Signs You’re a Daddy’s Girl This Father’s Day

Most of the time when we reference a girl with “daddy issues”, we associate feelings of abandonment and/or a woman’s lack of esteem. Not in this case. A “Daddy’s Girl” is a type of breed who has been spoiled rotten by her father, but not in the way you would initially think. I do not mean she has been given everything her heart desires or is showered with an over abundance of material possessions ( P.s. Chicks on My Super Sweet 16 were not real Daddy’s girls- they were pretentious brats!) An authentic Daddy’s girl has been spoiled in the non-traditional sense. She will never find a husband comparable to her dad. She has been so blessed to have such a reliable and stable male in her life- her efforts in finding true love seem wasted. Since your father is the first man in your life, he single-handedly is your first point of reference for establishing trust, independence, sprinkled with unconditional support and affection!
At this point in time, we understand the evident side effects and value behind having a powerful father figure and the importance of how it has the potential to define your behavior in relationships for the rest of your life. No pressure pops. However, what do you do when the bar is set so high? My dad is my absolute, best friend in the whole world- and for good reason. He has always shown me what it means to be an honest, dedicated, resilient ,compassionate, and selfless person. I will always carry that with me.
When the reality of the “real world” finally sets in, who else can you count on or trust? Who else has your very best interest at heart? Who else is always friggin’ right about everything? #TEAMDADDYSGIRL

#10. An Extremely Picky Princess

As much as I hate to refer to myself as a princess- whatever I am one, and I have a crown to prove it! I’m not afraid to say it. I just don’t carry that attitude around with me all day long. I don’t have to. I simply know it.
And why wouldn’t I be when my dad has done such an amazing job being the King of our family? It only makes sense.
Did I mention my father is simply the best human being to have ever walked this planet? Just wanted to make that clear.

#9.  Yet Just One Of The Guys

My standards may be high, but that certainly doesn’t mean high maintenance. As a self-proclaimed tomboy growing up, I just always naturally gravitated towards sporty, outdoor activities with the boys. I learned young how to have effortless fun and relate to the opposite sex through rough play. Many of my BFF’s are dudes and they really are “just friends”.  No hanky-panky!
I’m not secretly in love with any of them and I can assure you that the understanding and lack of feelings are mutual. Having a close relationship with my dad has given me that capability and allowed me the opportunity to navigate ongoing, platonic friendships with other males.
And don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of girlfriend’s too! I’m not one of those chicks who only has guy friends…*Enter side eye*

#8. I’m Sorry The Position Has Been Filled

As my Psych 101 course at community college had once taught me, “many women learn how to be treated by men through how they were treated by their dad.” So I’m educated enough in the basics to know that many “daddy issues” stem from failed attempts at filling a void for a male presence. Luckily, I do not have that problem nor can I truly comprehend this internal conflict.
For me relationships are far less complex. If I am not interested, I won’t pretend to be out of boredom or a need for attention. If you are a douche-bag to me, chances are I will throw you away like a snotty tissue. If you respect me and prove your street cred, we are in business. No games. No nonsense. Thanks Dad.

#7. Promises, Promises, Promises

My dad always told me if you do not have your word, you have nothing and if you are someone who else tells the truth, you never need to swear on anything. He couldn’t be more right. He has never let me down and always made sure whatever he said- that’s how it goes. So promises, false hope, and meaning what you say, are extremely important to me and any other Daddy’s girl. Frenchie said it best…

#6. The Sun Shines Out My Ass

So I look at it like this-I clearly think that my dad is the greatest thing since sliced bread right? If you haven’t already gotten the picture…
-And he has literally always been right about everything…
Every piece of advice, prediction, life circumstance in which I spent my rebellious teen years challenging, he proved a prophet. Chalk it up to age and wisdom, which most of us spend our adolescence questioning.
So after years of his rightful forecasting, I came to terms with one thing: If he thinks I’m awesome, talented, funny and the light of his life, well, he must be right!
(However, with every compliment and praise, came a hard-hitting dose of reality. Just because he thinks the sun shines out my ass, doesn’t mean everyone else should or will.)

Or does it?

#5 Boyfriend + Dad = BFF

I always do this weird thing where when I meet a guy, I try to imagine the two of them hanging out without me. Ew, it’s just so awkward. But when the day comes that I can picture the guy I am dating and my dad getting along, that is how I will know he is the one.

#4 Dad References

Call me child-like, call me a baby, but my dad is a part of my everyday life. If I do not see him, it’s at very least a phone call daily. It is only natural that I am open about talking about him on the reg. I have an over abundance of stories, references, and anecdotes revolving around the ridiculous things that come out of this man’s mouth. So deal with it, laugh and occasionally be jealous. I understand.

#3 Confidence Overload ( But Never Cocky )

Daddy’s girls are confident (.) End of sentence. I am never suggesting that girls who have everything handed to them or done for them, or are constantly told how perfect they are- are the same as Daddy’s girls. Not ideal. Daddy’s girls attribute confidence to the fact that their dad has implemented in them hard-working traits mixed with an ever-evolving level of strength that has developed through their love.

#2 Defining A Man

My dad set the example for what I deem to be a real man- the epitome of manhood. He has taught me how to be a strong woman and how to act like a man when need be. He has shown my brother how to protect and take care of the ones he loves. My brother is someone I hold on a pedestal as well- and I am guessing because he learned from the master himself!

#1 Total Creep When Realizing She’s Dating Her Dad

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. When you suddenly realize the guy you’ve been hardcore crushing on is a 20-something version of your own father, there is an unavoidable pang of nausea.
Happy Father’s Day
This one is for you Daddy….
“I’m over the moon for you!”  

Advice From My Father: The Best ‘Dadisms’ Ever

There should be a show, Fathers Say The Darnest Things… Like when my dad refers to jeans as dungarees… you’re killin’ me pops! 
Accrediting to the success of literature like…
 You literally cannot make this stuff up. 
If Dads are known for one thing…It’s being absolutely out of their minds lovable.
Hence why we fall in love with sitcom dads, like Mr. Costanza and Mr. Barone- they are just so darn relatable and effortlessly hilarious.
One common thread is the ridiculous, often repetitive,  but always “LoL” things that come out of their mouths. Whether it’s good advice, or their favorite sayings and powerful words of wisdom- Dad always delivers epic one-liners sending their kids in to a tizzy!
This is a collection of some of my Dad’s unforgettable anecdotes- some serious life suggestions, encouragement and guidance from the man who knows it all! (And loves a good laugh with his kids…)

Things Dad’s Say: 

#30 If It’s Free, It’s For Me!

#29 Check Your Oil.

#28 Buy A Plunger Before You Need A Plunger**

( Double star next to that one for obvious reasons.)

#27 Look It Up In The Dictionary.

(Still doesn’t realize dictionaries are obsolete…2016 Google It!)

#26 Everyone Has To Pay The Price For Who They Are Once & Awhile.

#25 Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

(Yup, yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.)

#24 You Guys Just Aren’t Going To Let Me Enjoy Life Are You?

#23 If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself.

#22 What Do You Think I’m New?

#21 Do You Think Your Credit Card Is Cash?

#20 We Made Excellent Time.

#19 You Call This Talent?

#18 Remember, Eventually Today Becomes Yesterday.

#17 Names & Faces May Change But People Stay The Same.

#16 I Give Your Mother An Inch & She Takes A Mile.

#15 We’re Not Lost. This Is The Back Way.

#14 I Forgot…Are You Paying The Electric Bill This Month? Go Shut The Light.

#13 Did They Teach You Anything In School?

#12 The Discovery Channel Is Educational…God Forbid You Actually Learn Something.

#11 Never Buy The Extended Warranty. It’s A Scam.

#10 That’s Not A Threat. It’s A Promise.

#9 You’re Going Out? You Got Enough Money On You?

#8 Nothing Good Happens After Midnight. Be Home By 2:00 am.

#7 Go Tell Your Mother You Love Her.

#6 Who Cut Your Hair, Stevie Wonder?

#5 Hold The Light Steady…Stop Shaking. I Said Steady!!! Nevermind.

#4 I’m Not Sleeping, I Was Resting My Eyes.

(Note: The only surefire way to wake your sleeping dad is to change the channel.)

#3 You Know How Good Looking Your Father Was When He Was Young? Fox.

#2 You Know In 1985, You Were Still In My Balls…

#1 I Love You, Kid.

“Love You More, Dad!”

How To Have Your Best Girls Night In

Quick, calling all females. This is an emergency. Where’s the wine opener??? I am in desperate need of a Girl’s Night In!
Ladies Night used to mean getting all dolled up, hitting the club till dawn, after hour diner runs, and someone having a vodka-induced emotional breakdown, but those days seem to be long gone- thankfully! I don’t think I even have it in me anymore to throw on such a restricting, bandage dress and dance till the wee hours of last call, but the problem remains, I miss my BFF’s. The older I have gotten, life as expected, has become more daunting and demanding. Time is limited, money is tight and I’m always exhausted.
One thing is for sure though, girl time is absolutely necessary!
These days I’d just much rather prefer to opt for a girly night in.  I am at the point where a date with my squad is no longer about posing for pics, chasing men or chasing dreams, its all about the quality moments that help me to regain my sanity for the week ahead. After all, you haven’t heard? Staying in is the new going out.
“Bestie Bonding” is a definite precondition if you are looking to maintain ideal physical and mental health. A group of girls, “a box” of alcohol, and a good therapy session is good for the soul. Remember, drinking is only a problem if you are by yourself…
So what does the recipe for the perfect Girl’s Night In call for, you ask?
It’s actually pretty simple…

Step 1 Ingredients

  • X amount of your closest gal pals
  • Raw cookie dough
  • 3 tablespoons of gossip
  • 5 hours of trash T.v
  • 1 box of tissues
Troubles with #bae? Financial woes? Boss being a butt-munch? All of the typical unavoidable problems women need to discuss and vent about… Add a cup of sugar and spice, mix it all together with some of our ideas to follow, no money or designated driver required, and prepare for an old-fashioned girl-fest. Minus the pillow fights in our bras & underwear- Sorry fellas.

Step 2 Activities

Bitch a little. Wine A Lot.

It’s all about having your priorities straight. Save the carbs for all of your “wine-ing” and share gossip until you get each other’s heart rates up. Here is the time and place to exchange stories…reveal secrets, complain, and of course ask the obligatory question, “So what degree of shambles would you say your life is in?”
Now is the time to spill it! Not the wine though, just the voice of your disturbing inner monologue in safe company.

Dance Battle
Girls get down with your bad selves. Throw on your favorite playlist. Get funky, get silly, and more importantly, get ready to laugh. Break out your busted old school moves and I promise you within a few moments everyone will be forced to admit that Gloria Estefan is right- eventually the rhythm is going to get you!

Have A Cook-Off

No one has to be particularly gifted in the culinary arts to trade recipes or cook up some fun in the kitchen. Turn basic cooking skills from a chore to a party. The whole gang can whip up their own personal specialty dishes or everyone can join in on a theme for one big feast. You all will have a blast working together and indulging in on the result!

Movie Marathon

Save it for a night with the sisterhood. Hugh Grant or Katherine Heigl in a new chick flick that you’ve been dying to see but refuse to put your man through the cinematic torture? Not to worry. That’s what your girls are for. Binge watch throwback episodes of the original Beverly Hills 90210, schedule an appointment with Bravo or Lifetime to catch up on all of the classics or made for T.V. guilty pleasures.
Pin, Craft, Talk Mad Sh*t
Some people are better at it than others. They just have a certain knack for it- not just referring to arts and crafts projects here either. My guess would be that if hatin’ was a hobby, your crew would have the leading Pin-Board. Either way, combine the two.
Get your glitter guns out and shoot rapid fire as you scroll down the social pages of the girl on IG who posts nothing but half naked selfies with inspiration quotes. It will actually help you all to release negative energy and tension, as well as reassure you that you are not the only one who feels this way. Just make sure you follow it up by creating an awesome vision-board or something…ya know for positivities sake.

Play Dress Up 

Although it’s encouraged and expected for every girl to show up looking like the hottest mess imaginable, ergo no makeup and their baggiest set of jammies, a cool idea would be to bring something to play dress up with, perhaps even swap with one another. There is usually a bevy of different types of beauties among every group of friends, with a variety of distinct opinions of what is runway worthy and vogue-esque. Dress each other up- whether serious or as a joke. For instance, bring your favorite “hoe” cocktail dress for your homely, shy friend to try on for a good laugh, crimp each other’s hair, trade styles, look ridiculous… Now is the time to talk your friend out of always wearing those high-waisted pants, etc. Nailed it! If you can’t look like the ugliest or silliest version of yourself in front of your girls, are they really your friends?


Whether it’s manis/pedis, facials, braiding hair or confiding about your deepest, darkest, oracles, every girls clubs knows all about each other’s situations.
But woman to woman, take advantage of the at-home remedies while stripping each other of all unwanted aesthetic issues. Your friends will be there to assist you shall anything go array. A makeover with the girls will leave you feeling fulfilled and refreshed to take on the world. Remember what happens to be confidential, may leave you more confident when handled with support.


The only correct formula to make sure this night in goes off without a hitch is your very best friends. It doesn’t really matter what you do. Tonight is the nigh to party with your homies. The sky is the limit. Burn bras. Read books. Go out and vote if the spirit moves you to. You are women, hear you roar. And commemorate, girls just want to have fun.