Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Punch Drunk Love: Fruity Frosé’s Summer Takeover

Yes Way, Frosé!

What better way to survive an unbearable heat wave than a new cocktail spreading throughout the nation?
It’s frosty, it’s sweet, and it’s made purely with your taste buds in mind; The Frosé!
The hottest drink of the summer aims for a thickened, slushie-like and frozen consistency, guaranteed to spark up a love affair. But is this just a summer fling with or lusting over, or is there long-term commitment?  With some type of variation on the original recipe, concocted by the popular social scene of NYC, every restaurant along the eastern shoreline is trying to promote their own unique version of the movement and contemporary following.
Since the east-coasters took matters into their own blenders with the genius innovation of what is basically just a wine infused slurpee, we decided to pick our favorite!
Vic Rallo, Host of PBS’s Eat!Drink!Italy!, restaurateur, and New Jersey resident, highlights his homemade Frosé  as a fan-favorite and most recommended menu item for individuals seeking a bold & boozy adult beverage to sip on this summer. Vic accredits the drink as to what keeps his patrons coming back for more as the freshly mixed cocktail embodies the feelings of a summer romance.
He goes through countless cases of rosé each and every week in order to fulfill the high-demand of the trendiest drink in town!
Rallo believes that using a quality wine is the foundation for a good Frosé.
In the hand-crafted Frosé recipe below Vic uses Masciarelli Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Villa Gemma, a Rosé with notes of fruit and flowers. Pair this with your favorite brunch-dish and you got yourself a Sunday Funday or a thirsty any day!

 The Frosé

  • 1 bottle of Masciarelli Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Rosé or your favorite brand of ‘Rosé’
  • 2 cups of sliced fresh strawberries (and a few whole strawberries reserved for garnish)
  • 1 tablespoon simple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons grenadine
Pour rosé into an ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen, add sliced strawberries, rosé cubes, grenadine and simple syrup, blend until smooth. Pour into glasses, and garnish with whole strawberries.

Teen Plastic Surgery Peaks Before The September School Year

Teen plastic surgery is rising at an alarming rate!

Fellow teen, social influencers  from the provocative Kylie Jenner to Iggy Azalea, and even including the wholesome Modern Family starlet Ariel Winter, have all admittedly sought after both non-invasive and surgical treatments to improve their aesthetic appearance and boost their confidence in front of the camera and at red carpet events. And just like our favorite celebs fear the paparazzi, senior portraits and lasting memories forever imprinted in their yearbooks, are no different than the pages of countless trash mags we read for guilty pleasure.
As if high school isn’t hard enough, there is a new form of peer pressure sweeping our youth- teen plastic surgery. It is becoming a popular movement to gift your daughter with a cosmetic procedure or enhancement prior to the start of the school year, or approaching prom season, and even a possible graduation present idea.
The beginning of the school year marks the unofficial end of the summer plastic surgery season, as students return with new boobs, shapelier noses, prettier pouts and few questions asked. Why you ask? Because most the work being performed can be complete over their summer vacation, allowing enough time to remain in hiding for a full recovery!
Since most teens of today have fallen victim to the conditions of social media, their reality is often distorted, much like the filters and apps used on SnapChat and Instagram. Many adolescents have under-developed bodies, as well as minds, so they have a tendency to look up to their celebrity role models perhaps in unhealthy ways. Self-esteem is so important during what is one of the most insecure points of your life. This is why over 64,000 teens a year, at the very least seek out advice or book consultations. Parents are giving in to the social reform as they worry their child’s battered self-image will permanently affect them for the rest of their lives if they do not help them to transform. For this reason many plastic surgeons often joke that they consider themselves to be professional psychiatrists with knives, especially when they perform procedures on teens, which are as emotional as they are physical. But as a cosmetic surgeon, when do you say “yes” to these young patients and when do you say “no”?

“The latest American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics suggest that cosmetic surgery, in general, is increasing in the 13- to 19-year-old age category.”- ASPS

Travel Uptown With Amore: NYC’s Fine Dining at Nello

If there is one thing NYC has no shortage of it’s fine cuisine and dining adventures to choose from. From the street meat, to the staple chain restaurants on every corner, how does one truly separate the authentic cultural dishes made with fresh ingredients which makes NYC the melting pot for foodies?
First off, if there are any native New Yorkers still residing in the heart of Manhattan or still in existence even, I am not about to reveal breaking news, or a big secret. However, for the wealthy elite of the city who flock to the Upper East Side in search of more than just quality food but a lost experience in the art of fine dining, this one is for you.
Nello is one of the city’s longest standing establishments. Popular with the European crowd,Nello in NYC is simply not your standard fine Italian cuisine. It provides a luxurious boutique atmosphere, reminiscent of a genuine old country backdrop. Nello is not the place for a quick bite, or even to curb a craving for an Italian-American favorite like Chicken Parm. Nello is the restaurant which truly understands how the other side dines out- with an extended appreciation for celebrating life- using quality dishes made with amore! Nello’s vibe is inviting to say the least.
From the specialty welcome spritz, the decadent mouthwatering pleasures, to the sweet, creamy desserts on the menu, from start to finish, expect a full night of belly laughs and happy tummies. The perfect blend of both casual and elegant.
The staff was friendly, yet assertive- a very helpful trait for those individuals who have trouble deciding on their apps or their entrees. We left it up to our waiter, and he did not disappoint! Our evening turned into a family-style free for all in which we were presented with an assortment of antipastos, breads, cheeses, meats & seafood, all tasting as if imported from the docks of a local Italian villa. The staff presented themselves as well-mannered, yet open, and dressed to the nines, but down to earth. Serving up course after course, and delivering in their promise of a fine dining experience, our table left satisfied with our meals and our overall expectation was superseded.
Yes, this is definitely a high-ticket Italian fare served up to an exceptional demographic of people on a quest for capturing an Old New York which has seemly disappeared over the years. I recommend Nello for NY’s restaurant goers who are not looking for just pasta and tomato sauce, but those looking to travel- be transported to how dining in NYC used to be and how European-style dining is forever untouchable.
When the opportunity presents itself to select a superior night in Manhattan, make reservations at Nello. Who knows? You may even be seated next to your favorite celebrity. Their wall of stars includes icons, legends, pop-stars, divas, Hollywood A-listers, and social influencers. I hate to name drop but photographs of Beyonce, Robert Deniro, Sting, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, and countless others grace the wall while eating lunch or dinner at New York’s finest.
Nello Restaurant, located on the Upper East Side and just a few blocks away from the world’s most exquisite department stores and high-end lifestyle boutiques, as well as Central Park East, is a fresh of breath air as it pays homage to the long-lost New York way of dining!
Now Mangiare!

Alicia Keys No Makeup Movement at The VMAS

Why Was It So Important That Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara Didn’t Wear Makeup To MTV’s Major Award Show?

Historically speaking, there is nothing more powerful than making a pop culture statement while attending MTV’s VMA red carpet, right? Whether showing up in a meat dress, using a foam finger as an erotic prop, or swapping spit with an iconic songstress, using the youthful platform to bring attention and awareness to certain social issues or as a way of highlighting an individual’s right for artistic expression, has always been a bigger part of the show.
Without a single stitch of makeup upon their faces, both Alicia Keys and Alessa Cara gave #slay a whole new meaning when it comes to au natural beauty with mass appeal. Or did they?
While many viewers and media trolls savagely attacked the soulful R&B vocalist and musician, as they were extremely under-impressed with her choice to go bare-face, Alicia Keys is yet another celebrity to prove the age old adage, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The scrutiny may have been intense, but she stands by her purpose.
Her highly publicized personal essay in Lenny Letter earlier this summer received tremendous amounts of criticism. Yet among all of the negativity, many women felt not only empowered by her honesty and confidence, but also made the choice to stand by her declaration of true and authentic beauty. The feature chronicled her own insecurities which had developed over the years, as well as her personal experience handling the harsh and heavy focus on her physical appearance. Even after the 15-time Grammy winner was catapulted into the limelight for her unsurpassed talent, she could never escape the ongoing and immense pressures forced upon women to achieve the nearly impossible standards behind the ideal aesthetic, caused by unrealistic filters.
“Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup,” she wrote. “What if someone wanted a picture?? What if they POSTED it??? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me.”- Keys
Since her published words made headlines, Alicia has kept her commitment to not wearing any makeup in public. And guess what? The gorgeous creature radiated with glamour regardless of a lack of lip-plumper. Hours of hair and makeup just for a few moments in front of the camera? Nah, she’s good!
Her embraced undertaking of a makeup free movement has given her a new found freedom with countless women shouting “YASSSSSSSS” to her pledge. She feels she has a responsibility to young women to help them to understand that their worth goes beyond an hour-glass silhouette and sculpted contour.
Joining in her efforts, Cara vowed to remove all of her warpaint while performing her hit song “Scars to Your Beautiful.” She insights, “We all look at ourselves in the mirror and think, I hate this, I wish that were different—from something minor like, ‘I have a pimple today,’ to something major like, ‘I don’t want to live anymore because I don’t think I’m good enough,’” Cara told Glamour in their upcoming September issue. “In ‘Scars,’ I wanted to tell people, ‘There isn’t one way to look beautiful—you are beautiful, and it’s the world that needs to change.’ ”
I know what you are all thinking… It’s easy to go makeup-free without feeling self-conscious when you look like them!
But in all seriousness, God forbid a woman doesn’t wear concealer or have extended lashes on that make her look like a doe-eyed Bambi. She must be judged now! She does not deserve respect! The public even uses words like “brave” to describe the shocking sentiment. How sad and scary is that?
2016 is the year the Twilight Zone had warned us about, women are all striving to look exactly the same. The only definition of beauty that I leave you with is, “In a world full of Dash dolls, be an Alicia Keys.”

Dating Etiquette From Around The World

There are very unique and specific customs around the world when it comes the concept of dating. Some countries hold the sanctity of marriage in a very high standard of value, while other regions experience a rapid volume of divorce rates, and that's normal. Some common dating practices include group outings, while others celebrate the ideals of an arranged relationship. Many communities accept all realms of sexual preferences, gender roles and dating habits, while others simply remain stuck in a time capsule. In some parts of the world people are expected to get married at what is to be considered an extremely young age and have it all figured out, other areas it's all about the bachelor and bachelorette lifestyles- monogamy is a fairy tale. It really all depends on the social
culture of one's current citizens. But one thing is for certain, much like words which can take on a variety of meanings depending on where you are from, courtship is not the same in every language.

Despite the process of how two lovers come together, generally speaking, everyone wants the same thing- his & her towels and grow old together companionship. Regardless of how you get there, the universal commonalities hold true: the goal is family, partnership, and economic success, but there are countless paths that can lead to achieving that target objective.

Whether the opportunities to meet individuals seem rare at times in the digital age of love, everyone is on a quest find their #bae, no matter how conservative or liberal a group's beliefs may seem. And since modern day technology allows Apps like Tinder and Bumble to track your coordinates, you now have the freedom to get to swiping based on your location as you travel through life. For this reason as you jump from a city to a new time zone, it is important to understand the proper dating etiquette and romance rituals around the globe while on your search.

Join us on our journey towards finding love in any and every hopeless place for the hopeless romantic.

Break The Internet, Not The Bank: Forever, How Old Are You?


So when I found myself approaching the well-known chain recently to do some credit card damage for some upcoming events, I couldn’t help but wonder (in my best Carrie Bradshaw voice): Am I too old to be shopping here?
I mean I’m still young, not exactly old-ish, right?
Yes, I am almost 30 years of age, and despite the fact that society would consider me to be a grown woman, I openly confess, I still proudly shop at Forever 21. Reason being?
I love fashion. I love keeping up with the latest styles. And just as fast as the trends appear to come and go on our favorite Hollywood starlets, these days, so does the money in my bank account. The worst part? I am forced to focus on spending my hard earned dollars on the real adult, important things in life right now, including the basic cost of living stuff; rent, car, health insurance, oh yeah, can’t forget food, etc. But how’s a girl suppose to survive the fall festivities without an over-sized floppy hat to go with her faux fur vest and distressed denim boyfriend jeans?  Or the necessity that is the high-waisted, wide leg trousers to wear to work on the job that cannot afford to pay her enough George Washington’s to actually purchase real women clothing, let alone designer duds.
Forever 21 has been my go-to since being in my broke twenties. I am able to rock the most contemporary threads, still look the part and feel great without getting myself into the trouble of debt, all while saving on the hottest deals.
At first I fought with myself over this decision to remain a loyal customer well passed my ripe old self turned a legal drinker. As I scrummage through racks of countless sweaters and skirts on the reg, feelings of anxiety shock my system as if I’m in a fashion war-zone. How am I justifying these emotions which come over me, or my chosen behavior to remain true as I restock my closet with the same old items I forgot I already had?
After all, I know what you are all thinking…Check their stitching and the fabric, this isn’t quality materials I’m opting for here. Yet, even a one time wear is all the fix I need.
Then, there is the sizing!!! My God, the sizing!!! I mean, I obviously know better, but there is a mental mind f*ck that occurs when normal adult brands and boutique fashions hug size 6 moi just right, while Forever 21 has bounded me into a size 11 or XL and it still fits tight. Lady curves are drastically different when being squeezed into garments made before pre-teen development.
Furthermore, women should not be wearing styles the same way as a 21 year old would- hence I have learned to put down the crop top and walk away, those days are long gone.
Sounds like I’m hating, but I am really not. I believe in the dream. I believe in the needle in the haystack as I personally have mastered the art of finding the right items to get me through every season. I flaunt that obnoxious, bright yellow bag as I walk out of the store and crossover the high-end department stores to get back to my car in parking lot with money still in my pocket.
So Forever 21 is oftentimes a mass produced, blatant knockoff version of the clothes we all wished we dawned. A total “Look for Less”… but so friggin’ what?
Just because I may be a couple, okay… okay, almost a decade past my prime, doesn’t give anyone the right to tell me I am too old to shop at Forever 21.

Long Hair Vs. Short Hair: What Do Men Really Want?

As a self-proclaimed hair chameleon, I have dyed my hair every color in the box and rocked every hairstyle you could possibly imagine. From long cascading, mermaid-esque waves to short bobs or shoulder length shags with blunt bangs, there is almost no coiffure I haven’t tried as an experiment- except a pixie cut or a mo-hawk. I just know I don’t have the facial structure for either, but that’s besides the point.
Regardless of my need to change up my look and hairdo every passing year or whenever I go through a bad breakup, I began to notice a different kind of trend in how I was being treated by creatures of the opposite sex. I decided to turn my love of a sassy makeover to a good old-fashioned sociological investigation.
Despite it all, men typically have very strong opinions when it comes to what they find attractive in a woman. While some guys claim they prefer natural makeup or neutral tones, others admit their lust for a sultry red lip and a little overdone seduction.
For years I made the incorrect assumption that gentlemen not only preferred blondes, but also desired more traditional long, luscious locks as it was the ultimate symbol of femininity- of course this is the pre-historic man bun days that I am referring to. This sentiment reflected back to me in everything I heard and saw growing up in the media. Short hair was too much of an androgynous look, and if I wanted attention or feel good about myself, I simply had to play by the rules. It’s ingrained in our brains from when we are little girls. Disney princess don’t have short hair, do they? Nope, not one!

How naive right? But that had been the reality I was filtering… After all, most hair inspirations of the moment usually were just a phase or fad anyway, as well as can be extremely difficult to pull off on the regular. Think Halle Berry or Jennifer Aniston. Their iconic looks have been anything but basic, yet even they fall back on the more conventional ideals of fuller, scrunched curls or lengthy pin straight strands. Did they even feel society’s cultural pressures? Was shorter hair just too polarizing?
That was my hypothesis until I scrolled through my throwback FB profile pics and began to analyze and re-interpret my personal memories of how men perceived me into hard core research.
While on my path of discovery I realized something very interesting- men actually love a woman with short hair! Don’t believe me?? It’s true.

For whatever reason, whether it was a no fuss attitude or exuding confidence, I received the most catcalls when I kept it trim and effortless. I think more men picked up on my spunk and it made me more unique and mysterious. They weren’t distracted by the superficial. They had a reason to approach me and see what I was all about. On top of feeling more assured, more mature and established men were approaching me rather than the typical Frat bros. I think they automatically assumed I was a bit older from my distinct appearance. I had a shorter hairstyles all when it was colored Chesnut brown with caramels, as well as deep ruby auburn and even moonlight black. Those were the definitive eras where I stood out the most in comparison to my grown out blonder tresses or highlighted roots.
Short Hair, Don’t Care
Fun, flirty facts about shorter hair…
  • You Can Still Run Your Fingers Through Short Hair
  • You Attract A Different Type of Guy
  • People Will Assume Things About You (Like You’re a Feminist or a Lesbian…Let them wonder.)
  • Short Hair Doesn’t Mean Easy, But Gives a Free Spirited Vibe
  • Women Will Think You Are Brave
  • Men Will Be Curious
  • Short Hair Gets Attention & A Reaction
  • People Will Feel The Need To Compliment You More & Notice You
  • It’s Ageless
  • It’s Timeless
Bottom line, if you really care more about what men want rather than what you want, you will never attract the right type of people. Figure out what makes you most comfortable and what looks and feels best on you. Men will follow suit… And if they don’t… Ooops, you’ll live…
But I do highly recommend trying it out so you can see for yourself the type of feedback and responses you get. If you have short or long hair, it doesn’t matter, pop on a wig, and have some fun with it!