Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Racing Towards Education Event

Saturday September 24th Hip New Jersey will be at the W. Cary Edward's Foundation's annual fundraising event held at The Avenue A Club in Newark, NJ. You don't want to miss the special performance by Dancing With The Stars' Pro Edyta Śliwińska. This will be a night full of classics!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cameron Diaz: The Longevity Book

As a follow-up to the New York Times Best-Seller,The Body Book, Cameron Diaz released The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time.
In an effort to educate women of all ages about the functionality of their bodies while empowering them to make well-informed choices about health and beauty, this starlet wanted to identify the real struggle of understanding the way the body ages and heals on a cellular level. Various experts, such as highly-accredited physicians, top-tier surgeons, advanced scientists and nutritionists contributed their research and knowledge about the biological differences in the way aging effects men and women, how growing older impacts distinct bodily systems, and why certain habits can lead to an all-encompassing holistic attitude towards how the female body preserves and how ladies can do it better and smarter!
As women transition into mid-life, maintaining optimal health requires more than just daily energy, but a total mind & body movement. This book provides an outlined guide that breaks down what it means to truly “age”.
Cameron Diaz is a celebrity on a mission. She continues her journey promoting her latest book with an open conversation among her peers. Diaz discussed this essential topic by drawing information from history, science, and her personal experience in the limelight; a headline that for far too long has been seen as a taboo subject in society.
Cameron inquired to the audience, “What is aging? Do any of us really know?”
She addressed, “We seem to be punished for it- especially women. We have this prejudice because we don’t really understand it. That is what this book was about for me.”
Prior to 150 years ago (which in the grand scheme of all of mankind really isn’t that long), the life expectancy for a woman was 40. So when you think about it, it has only been within that time frame that we are able to explore what exactly happens through the regeneration phase of our cells.
Diaz exclaims, “You have to say to yourself, I’m going to decide to be a better old person than young person. Aging is living so congrats!”
The Longevity Book simplifies the conditions of how to benefit your life as you age through the Trifecta of Strength and the 5 Pillars of Well-being:

Trifecta of Strength

1. Good Nutrition
2. Physical Activity
3. Sleep

5 Pillars of Well-Being

1. Balanced Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Sleep
4. Stress Relief
5. Love & Connection
I also spoke with distinguished dual-board certified professional, Dr. Monica Tadros MD, F.A.C.S. of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery who offered her prowess on anti-aging strategies, methods, techniques and procedural treatments.
Dr. Tadros states, “Aging gracefully requires making choices that are right for you. We feel great when how we look on the outside reflects how we feel on the inside. It is a simple algorithm: Does how you look make you happy? If not, what would make you happy? It’s important to know that you have choices and to make the choices that are right for you.”
Tadros continued, “Skin care and volume are paramount. There are countless non-surgical and invasive options available and that’s the best place to begin. A good relationship with the right doctor will help you navigate through an overwhelming number of possibilities and/or alternatives to make informed choices that are right for you.”
By accepting the certainty that everyone matures, women can take the proper initiative to utilize the different tools which will help them appear and feel more youthful from the inside and out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Calling All Leaders - Season 1 Finale - Leaders Create Leaders

Over the last 12 months, I have met with some of the greatest modern day leaders. I hope everyone could take something from each episode to inspire you to take action in your life. For our finale, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life and the new journey I am embarking on as a leader for our millennial generation to pave the way for future generations. This is the most important video I have ever released and I hope it motivates every single one of you to step up to find the leader within. If we want to solve the worlds biggest problems than we need to create more leaders. #LeadersCreateLeaders

Personally want to thank everyone who helped in any way form or fashion to make this first season of Leaders Create Leaders possible. Always appreciate of all the support. I feel extremely passionate about the power of leadership and the way it can influence our world for the better. Can't wait for season 2, a lot of new content is schedule to come. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and my newsletter. Raw & Uncut video from season 1 is coming straight to your inbox. http://www.gerardadamstv.com

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Theory Released Infographic on Cell Phone Addiction in America

Source: New Theory Magazine (NewTheory.com)

New York, New York- In a recent effort to show the obsession behind cellphone usage, New Theory Magazine released an infographic showcasing the latest data to back up America’s cellphone usage addiction. There is no denying this generation has a problem. Numbers do not lie. To say that we are, “attached”, is officially an alarming understatement. Individuals have become reliant on staying connected.

The average user checks their cellphone 110 times throughout any given day, translating into approximately 3.6 hours every single day and roughly 25.2 hours during the course of a week. It is hard to imagine all of the supplementary, productive accomplishments an individual could be achieving while utilizing their time more efficiently.

Individuals of all ages are finding themselves affected by this epidemic- positively and negatively. However, no matter how an individual is choosing to value their cellphone, there is no argument that it is a daily distraction. Keeping account of continuous job-related and social mobilization can lead to a distressed impact on an individual’s sleeping patterns and overall lifestyle. 77% of parents struggle to monitor their teenagers and younger children’s activity right in the comfort of their own home, including the dinner table. 40% of users interact on their cellphones while on the toilet — keep that in mind next time you’re texting someone! Aside from the indecent visuals, the most problematic form of refusing to put down your cellphone is ‘texting while driving’. With 26% of the car accidents in the United States caused by this situation, up to 75% even admit guilt, although experts can ensure the true numbers would be higher.  

Highly-accredited psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi weighs in, “Millennials do not relate to smartphone technology simply as a means of communication.  It is culturally much more than that.  It is a ‘way of life’. Individuals capitalize on the device as a user-based "network" and essentially apply it to manage their standard of living, both professionally and socially.”

Since relationships are discovered, cultivated, and enhanced through digital pursuits, various aspects of social norms have evolved- even surpassing more traditional platforms of extended reach. Whether business inspired or romantic quests, success can be as easy as a swipe, an email or a DM away. 

Despite the focus that individuals have on their own hand-held universe, it is the number one way media is currently being consumed by the mass public. Americans scroll down their news-feed, double-tap and click through countless updates, photos, hash-tags, graphics, videos, and articles, all in a vain attempt to be a part of the trends. This is not perception; this is reality.  

Rossi also insights, “Without a person’s phone just for even a few minutes, a millennial’s attitude and behavior may increase in "nervousness", generating unnecessary anxiety. For this reason, this is the only way they know how to exchange with the rest of their acquaintances and the world. When they do not have that instrument, their goals become obstructed from engaging information and action planning.” 
As the numbers steadily climb from each passing year, we are all left wondering, have we gone too far with our cellphones? Can people really learn how to live life again after “disconnecting”?

To view the full infographic on cell phone addiction in America, please visit New Theory Magazine at:

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