Monday, March 2, 2015

Annual Spring Cleaning Makeover

When the warm front approaches people automatically “spring” set into panic mode. The cold, dragged out winter makes everyone feel like they can let themselves go just a bit. Whether it is overindulging while individuals are stuck indoors with their favorite comfort foods, or skipping a few shaves in the shower (Some people even justify this as a method to stay warm), it seems like the weather change happens with the flip of a switch, and individuals are left doing an entire maintenance overhaul on themselves as a quick fix.
However, even though unwanted hair is an ongoing issue for people year round, come spring season everyone is forced to pay more mind as we all undress and bask in the glory of the long awaited Vitamin D rays. People are regularly on a quest to rid themselves of this hair once and for all instead of spending money on countless razors and products that show no value in return. The only thing returning is the pesky, undesirable hair!
Laser Hair Removal is pain-free, safe, fast, and more importantly effective in reducing the appearance and growth of this redundant hair. Treatments are performed by experienced, licensed professionals with technologically advanced equipment at such luxurious medspas like NYC’s very own Skinney Medspa

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Youthifying Our Youth? How Young is too Young?

Living in the tri-state area, cosmetic surgery has almost become a right of passage for teen girls. With major social media influencers like Kyle Jenner allegedly boarding the plastic surgery train, girls as young as pre-teen are beginning to request fillers, lip injections, and booking their breast implant consultations in hopes for a graduation reveal.
With media outlets not letting this ethical dilemma go unnoticed, Dr. Gordon Kaplan, a top, board-certified plastic surgeon servicing the NYC and NJ area, weighs in as he offers his expertise regarding what to consider and several of the most revolutionary techniques and treatments.
As a generation obsessed with “youthification” and enhancing physical attributes, aesthetic improvements are transitioning to the norm rather than a luxury. Parents are gift wrapping procedures for their daughters as an industry constantly evolves with new advanced technology to ensure optimal, desired results.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bowing Down To the Queen of Supplements: Liz Gaspari

Liz Gaspari is best known for being the female powerhouse who fueled the success behind one of the most influential sports supplement companies in the game, Gaspari Nutrition. Gaspari Nutrition is a name that holds a lot of weight as the leading line of supplements used by elite professional bodybuilders, athletes, and the most inspiring fitness innovators in the industry.  
Many people are under the impression that Liz Gaspari represents “the woman behind the man". However, it’s been revealed that she was much more than that. Her actual level of involvement in creating the company's wide-spread acclaim has recently surfaced. Liz was not only with Rich Gaspari before success struck but was the key factor in developing a global brand expanding to an international market. Liz's was more than just support for the business venture she was the driving force noting, "We need to not just build muscle, but an empire!"  

Humility and persistence were regularly tested as the word "no" seemed to be heard on loop. After much invested time and dedication to breaking down the barriers, Jeff Palmer of Vitamin Shoppe accepted a proposal pitch and rapid growth followed! With a team of formulators to develop the very best quality products, and Liz paving the way to create a market for the business, to implement a process, and establish her authority in a world dominated by men, Gaspari Nutrition climbed ahead to the top billing outlets. Rich definitely had the muscles as the face behind Gaspari supplements, but it is no secret now that Liz had the true brawn to power the brand.

A downfall in the marriage between Rich and Liz directly affected the brand and ran parallel in correlation to what was taking place within the company. Liz Gaspari, reigning "Queen of Supplements", is securing her cutting-edge title by revamping her image with a new line of supplements to be released soon. As a single mother, she continues to maintain her trailblazing status! A global presence in sales, marketing, and distribution has helped to catapult as the ultimate platform of the aesthetic and fitness products her following desires
Health & wellness is the most widely influenced market as people seek solutions to enhance their physical well-being. The Supplement Queen presents nutritional expertise and a variety of the leading, high-quality supplements and products to complete a total transformation curated at discount costs. Liz’s passion has driven her beyond expectations and has broken gender barriers in the industry through her personalized, and extremely strong vendor relationships, both domestic and abroad. Liz Gaspari does not just offer products, she offers an experience. An experience that includes a total lifestyle change committed to her promise for achieving beauty, health, balance, and confidence. SupplementQueen’s mission is to provide the ultimate harmony between your body and nutritional supplements. Liz has proven she has what it takes to still be in high demand and high control as a female mogul and phenomenon. 

Liz Gaspari attributes her drive for success to extreme financial struggle early in life, adolescent self image insecurities, mixed with a strongly instilled work ethic as the dynamic collective that motivated her to go out and make things happen for herself. It is evident through her appearance, Liz has always had a passion for working out. She viewed her mission for optimal health and fitness results as an opportunity for herself to challenge and conquer and it certainly shows. She associates her hard work and competitive edge which she gained from years of adolescent abuse growing up to her industry’s success. “I wasn’t one of the popular girls with a lot of friends,” states Liz. “The minute I got out of high school, I made the choice to make a transformation of myself, change what was in my control. Going to the gym, eating healthier, and other changes I made for myself, made me so confident. I was so determined to feel great that I became engulfed in the healthy aspects of living and keeping in shape!” She learned early that beauty, health and wellness, was all a part of her happiness. 

As business continuously grows surpassing most international scales, credibility and celebrity status naturally follows suit. Liz remains involved in many charity driven organizations, launches, and celebrity fronted events. A fashionista to the core, the dynamic combination of brains and beauty allow her to prosper in every essence of the business. A laundry list of upcoming projects keep this mom constantly on the go! With A-list clients and friends supporting her venture, her social circle thrives, keeping her name in the limelight and outshining competitors. Liz’s story is empowering to women everywhere and as we know, in the fitness industry, empowerment is a trend that never goes out of style. 

Growing up, the constant flipping of the switch was a true testament of Liz' character and how she proves time and time again that she may be down, but never count her out!